Miraval : A Land, A Light, A Soul, An Inspiration, A Work of Art

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In the wine world, Miraval has always been different. To start with, there’s its color. Rosé wasn’t taken at all seriously as a color when Miraval first launched. Back then, it had to be red or white, but not rosé. That was in 2012. But Miraval has always been one step ahead of the game; in fact that’s what makes it the iconic wine it is today. On its release in 2012, the first bottles of Miraval sold out online in the space of just a few hours. That same year, Miraval was voted World’s Best Rosé, sparking off an incredible “rosé fever” that swept the world (Provençal rosés topped 2 million cases in the U.S. last year, stood at just 123,000 cases less than a decade ago). It became such a phenomenon that it was even copied by counterfeiters in 2015 just as Lafite Rothschild or Dom Perignon had been in their time. It is a wine whose estate belongs to stars, but it is not a wine of the stars; the names Pitt-Jolie-Perrin appear discreetly on the back labels of a wine whose bottles are now engraved to guard against forgeries. Its first marketing campaign, both understated and joyous, and proudly sporting #TheArtOfRosé as its signature, did not go unnoticed either.  Miraval was also at the forefront of the wine world’s Social Media revolution. Celebrities and influencers around the globe succumbed to Miraval’s charms, appearing in social media posts with this sensually contoured bottle, with its distinctive and aspirational look.

Miraval, constantly at the cutting edge and inspiring trends, is bursting with creativity and new projects. Amongst the latest of these is the new visual campaign, including this 60 second film in which Miraval tells its story and reveals its soul, transporting you into the very heart of an estate which is not open to the public.  How best to convey and visually define #TheArtOfRosé was the subject of a long process of reflection before the operational work of designing and of filmmaking could begin. (Incidentally, we highly recommend the Parisian agency More&Me who contributed to the design of the new website and the film, following the brief to the letter, and bringing some excellent creative ideas to the table. And also Vinternet, the agency who built the site.)  Amongst the new projects also figure the magnificent cellar installations, enabling the single parcel approach to be perfected and guaranteeing even more precision in the way the wines are made.  It is there that the original idea of creating an ‘Extrait’ of Miraval Rosé was born. A rare and precious elixir, like a perfume, the simple evocation of its name – ‘MUSE DE MIRAVAL’ – inspires and uplifts. Miraval has always been a creative spot.  What is a little less well-known is that it is also home to a recording studio where international artists like Pink Floyd, AC/DC, and Sade have recorded legendary albums. Hence the name STUDIO by Miraval, chosen for the newest rosé, on sale for the first time this year. It has already created quite a stir around the world. It has featured in lifestyle magazines around the word; its highly original visuals establishing its environment: water (evocative of the nearby Mediterranean), the unique and iconic pink color of Miraval, and waves that are reminiscent of musical vibes emanating from the famous studio just beneath the Miraval cellars.

A veritable icon devoted to the Arts, Miraval is constantly exploring the art of making, and the art of doing. Each of its creations, born out of a passion for working the vineyards, unfolds like an unexpected masterpiece, raising the level of fine rosé to ever greater heights. Inspired by color, texture and light, Miraval has reinvented the codes and the way in which we enjoy rosé. Miraval’s Art du Rosé becomes an Art de Vivre, or art of living. And the story of Miraval becomes a story of creation. Logically, Miraval will once again make its appearance at the Cannes Film Festival as it does every year. Even more dazzlingly than in previous years, but always in its own special way. Naturally. Like no other wine could do. Because Miraval is, and always will be, the ultimate iconic wine: out of the ordinary, unexpected, and unique.