Comparing the Marketing Strategies of Champagne brands: A new study by LaunchMetrics


Comparing the marketing strategies of champagne brands in France and abroad – that’s quite a task, and one the company LaunchMetrics set itself. From January 1 to June 30, 2019, LaunchMetrics analysed champagne brand strategies using its exclusive MIV (Media Impact Value™) algorithm, designed to measure the impact of placements and mentions across various platforms – online media, blogs and social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) – in the fashion, luxury, and cosmetics industry. Here are some key statistics and insights to be drawn from the study:

– Champagne brand rating based on their MIV (Media Impact Value™) in France

  1. Moët & Chandon: 1,08M EUR
  2. Pommery: 956k EUR
  3. Perrier Jouet: 550k EUR
  4. Dom Perignon: 533k EUR
  5. Laurent Perrier: 507k EUR
  6. Veuve Clicquot: 455k EUR
  7. Lanson: 297k EUR
  8. Taittinger: 294k EUR
  9. Louis Roederer: 219k EUR
  10. Nicolas Feuillatte: 150k EUR


– Champagne brand rating based on their international MIV (Media Impact Value™)

  1. Moët & Chandon: 16,4M EUR
  2. Veuve Clicquot: 9,3M EUR
  3. Dom Perignon: 8,5M EUR
  4. Perrier Jouet: 3,7M EUR
  5. Laurent Perrier: 2,5M EUR
  6. Pommery: 2,1M EUR
  7. Louis Roederer: 1,9M EUR
  8. Piper Heidsieck: 1,3M EUR
  9. Ruinart: 1,2M EUR
  10. Krug: 971k EUR


– Number of placements on each channel (Blog, Gallery, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Online) IN COMPARISON WITH Share of MIV (Media Impact Value™) per channel

Channel : % Placement GENERATE % Share of MIV (Media Impact Value™)

  1. Online : 75,3% GENERATE 86,8%
  2. Twitter: 8,2% GENERATE 1,0%
  3. Blog: 7,3% GENERATE 0,7%
  4. Gallery: 4,4% GENERATE 0,2%
  5. Instagram: 3,8% GENERATE 10,8%
  6. Facebook: 1% GENERATE 0,6%

Two important points at this stage:

1) Only 12.3% of the MIV (Media Impact Value™) of the 20 champagne brands selected is generated by social networks in France compared to 27.5% on an international scale.

2) The average return generated by a post by an influencer is €744, while for a publication in the media the figure is €1,400 and for a publication on a social network or on the brand’s website it rises to €1,472.


LaunchMetrics’ conclusions are clear: In the short term, optimise publications in owned media because they are a simple and profitable way of increasing MIV (Media Impact Value™). In the longer term, start up a really in-depth strategy with influencers, because, right now, they are not being used effectively by champagne brands.

This, then, is a very interesting study; the only failing comes perhaps at the end. Looking at the figures for the Veuve Clicquot brand, it appears celebrities generate MIV (Media Impact Value™) in France (and not influencers) while abroad it is the reverse, with influencers generating much more MIV (Media Impact Value™) than celebrities. Without the MIV (Media Impact Value™) tool, our experience here at VitaBella (for wine brands in general and not just champagne) shows that celebrities have a major impact on an international level, much more so than influencers. In this respect we do not feel dissociations should be made between France and abroad over this. Around the world nothing beats celebrities for achieving maximum visibility, as we wrote recently in this post.

(This post was written by VitaBella. Reach us via or LinkedIn. Click here to read the full LaunchMetrics report in French)