The American TV channel, CNBC, has produced a wonderful report on the wine world with Famille Perrin

Chateau Beaucastel hommage à Jacques Perrin

This weekend, American TV channel CNBC’s “Lasting Legacy” series has turned the spotlight on a family of wine-growers. Starting with the title “The roots run deep with this dynasty of French winemakers”, CNBC has just aired a great report with interviews with members of the Perrin family filmed at Château de Beaucastel. After Faber-Castell – The 255-year-old business behind your pencils and pens – Henry Poole & Co – The tailoring dynasty of Savile Row – and the Illy Family – The big business behind a cup of joe: The first family of coffee -, here we see the wine world promoted to a wide, international audience with the report scheduled for numerous repeats.

In the Rhone Valley, the Chateau de Beaucastel winery traces its roots all the way back to 1549, when a barn and plot of land were bought by one Pierre de Beaucastel. The estate now finds itself in the hands of the Perrin family, which has been associated with the estate since the early 20th century, when Pierre Tramier transferred control to his son-in-law, Pierre Perrin, who in turn passed the mantle to his son, Jacques. One of Jacques’ biggest contributions was his decision to steer it in the direction of organic and bio-dynamic farming at a time when many other estates were using pesticides. “He just went the other way because he had this kind of intuition that using all these pesticides was not a good thing to do,” Marc Perrin, Jean-Pierre’s son and a member of the fifth generation of Perrins to run the vineyard, said.

The wine world shines in this very positive report from the American TV channel CNBC: Watch « The roots run deep with this dynasty of French winemakers »