No, VitaBella is not in charge of Communications for Georges Clooney’s Rosé


In the space of 24 hours, some 100 e-mails regarding the new Rosé launched by Georges Clooney were sent to us: Si occupa della comunicazione del Rosé di Georges Clooney? ジョルジュ・クルーニーのロゼの広報担当ですか?Vous occupez vous de la communication du Rosé de Georges Clooney? Are you in charge of communications for Georges Clooney’s Rosé? Yes, VitaBella manages the communications of French and international celebrities who have decided to go into the wine business. No, VitaBella is not in charge of Communications for Georges Clooney’s Rosé. In fact, for us, Celebrity means first and foremost Wine. And we’re lucky enough to count some of the world’s greatest celebrities among our customers, which makes us proud. Wines that have become famous first and foremost for their taste and history. Not by their owners. Over the past 10 years, we’ve had a number of famous owners come to us, but it was the taste of their wine that drew us to the project. MIRAVAL didn’t become World’s Best Rosé in the Wine Spectator by chance, just two or three years after its first vintage. I haven’t tasted Georges Clooney’s new Rosé, but I have no doubt it’s a good one. Georges Clooney is a man of taste, isn’t he?

So indeed, it’s a quick shortcut. You take care of Brad’s wine? So you take care of Georges’. It’s an easy shortcut, especially since the launch of BEAU DOMAINE cosmetics, when Brad Pitt called Georges Clooney the most handsome man in the world in an interview we gave to VOGUE magazine. The two most handsome men in the world have to work with the same agency, don’t they?

Rosé de Provence is the Champagne of Rosé. That’s why celebrities flock to it. But in 2024, the Rosé war will rage on. It had already begun in 2023, and only the strongest brands will emerge from this turbulent period. And taste and/or celebrity will no longer be the only guarantees of success. Price positioning, packaging, international distribution network, communication and even name (rosés whose names are easily pronounced around the world will be tomorrow’s big winners) are all parameters that will play in (or against) the estate.

It’s not enough to use a celebrity name to achieve lasting success in the world of wine. It’s vital to define your ambitions from the outset, so as to implement the most appropriate branding strategy. Those who took the turn, a few years ago, towards desirability, lifestyle and glamour have gained a head start in an increasingly competitive environment. Fifteen years ago, things were undoubtedly simpler in the world of wine, Rosé included. The current period calls for redoubled efforts at all levels to emerge in the face of new challenges that will reshuffle the cards.

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