Jourdan on #WineWednesday / Wine Marketing and Advertising : Should you give preference to Digital over Paper in 2017?


(This post “ Wine Marketing and Advertising : Should you give preference to Digital over Paper in 2017? ” was written by Guillaume Jourdan. You can reach him at or via Linkedin.)​

It’s a fact: Digital media has changed the way consumers interact with brands. So for wine brands, the following question comes up again and again: should they go fully digital for their 2017 media plan? There are three things to take into consideration before making any hasty decisions:

1) Digital communication is the most effective way to reach the under 35s.
2) Paper, a support which fosters discovery and affinity, is still the preferred media of the 35+ category.
3) Paper does attract millennials (notably 18 to 24-year-olds) when it comes to fashion and beauty magazines.

So, what choice would you make for your 2017 budget? It is not an easy decision, especially when you realise that although paper may be falling in volume it is also becoming more and more “precious”. And why? Because taking the time to read a magazine in this “digital frenzy” era has become a privilege once more, a special moment in the consumer’s life. And this is a real boon for marketers, enabling them to capture the attention of readers at the precise moment when those readers can best understand and engage with their brands. The paper format generates value in terms of customer relations, so there is no conflict between paper and digital. On the contrary, paper has sometimes been able to use digital means to transform its image and become even more effective. A prime example of this is paper advertising mailshots which are far more effective than mass e-mails, text messages and other formats. The digital world has revolutionised hard copy mailing; more connected, better targeted and personalised, mailshots are now a key string in the bow of advertising investments.

So…Paper or Digital? The right positioning of the cursor, depending on your brand identity, your objectives and the countries targeted, is essential. Proof once again that you need sound advice to avoid falling into the trap of 100% digital as 2017 dawns.

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