Jourdan on #WineWednesday / Put a little Red Bull into your Wine Communication!


(This post “Put a little Red Bull into your Wine Communication!” was written by Guillaume Jourdan. You can reach him at or via Linkedin.)​

It has never been so important for brands to create and generate their own content. In my opinion, Red Bull is still the role model in this field. While most brands pay to have their name associated with an event, Red Bull creates events and organizes their media coverage.

So what does Red Bull focus on? Extreme sports: Snowboarding, skateboarding, BMX and sky-diving etc. There is no pure sponsoring strategy but a desire to create and conceptualise events. All the media coverage for these events is handled in-house. Red Bull relies on word-of-mouth. It doesn’t intervene or comment on the buzz but lets people have their say and creates conditions for the buzz to be as big as possible, naturally. The product? It’s not pushed. The strategy involves pushing the brand and the events. On the Red Bull website you won’t find the product but you will find photo shoots and articles, videos, competitions and news. The brand uses those social networks most followed by its target market, and feeds it exclusive content aimed at that target every day.

Nowadays it is possible to become a media brand at your level. It is even the key to your brand’s success. But you will have to rethink all the old techniques of the past. Be unpredictable and non-conformist. Stand out from the crowd through your spontaneity and quick reactions. If you just throw all your marketing budget into 2 or 3 campaigns a year then you don’t leave room to let your brand live in reality. I notice more and more frequently that opportunistic campaigns which are both tactical and spontaneous are sometimes more effective than campaigns that are programmed over the year. The strong emotional dimension of these opportunistic campaigns gives your brand added soul. Don’t be afraid to improvise. Your marketing strategy should not be cast in stone. Every day new opportunities arise for your brand and you should make the most of them.

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