Jourdan on #WineWednesday / How to choose a (good) Brand Psychoanalyst


(This post “How to choose a (good) Brand Psychoanalyst” was written by Guillaume Jourdan. You can reach him at or via Linkedin.)​

All the wine estates that we have consulted for have one thing in common: a strong brand identity. To mould their image, we had to discover, really crack the code of their brand DNA. Why? Because in this world, where everything is about intuition and creativity, our clients need to renew themselves, to return regularly to their roots to seek the inspiration they need to continue creating. Their heritage is a key element in helping their brand identity stand out.

At VitaBella we are both a life coach and a psychoanalyst for wine brands, helping them to rise to the challenge. I say a life coach because we help brands both with their Strategic Marketing and in their Tactical Communication. And a psychoanalyst because VitaBella helps wine brands mesh naturally with today’s world, helping them evolve without sacrificing their identity. These great names in wine don’t need market studies because they are not proposing new wines to match up-and-coming trends in the market. No, our clients must polish their image, the way different target audiences perceive their brand identity.

Like psychoanalysis, this is deep work on the psyche – in this case, the brand’s – exploring its subconscious. The goal is not to resolve conflicts that date back years and shape who they are but rather to learn to know themselves better, to know who the brand truly is. And the “good” shrink is someone you feel free to talk to about the most intimate details of the brand. When you start an “analysis” it’s a process that can last several years, and while the brands are not actually lying on the “couch”, they are gradually changing the prism that defines their brand identity. The image of the brand will change slowly through an evolution of its marketing and communication strategy. And that’s where the psychoanalyst steps down and leaves room for the life coach, helping the brand continue to perform. This great adventure, together with the expertise we have been offering since 2004, is summed up in our slogan: “Taking wine estates to the next level”.

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