How do you increase Desirability in the eyes of your Consumers?


It is without a doubt the most beautiful wine brand (and the most glamorous, along with Brad) that we advise at VitaBella and our common history began in 2012. According to LE FIGARO in their week-end Edition, MIRAVAL is the most desirable Provence Rosé Wine in the world. It makes us proud not because MIRAVAL is No. 1 in this list (for more than ten years, Miraval has been at the top of the charts, starting with being voted the best Rosé in the world by the Wine Spectator), but because the subject studied is particularly close to our hearts: Brand Desirability. This is precisely what we work on all year long for our clients, whether they are big names in Wine, Cosmetics or Luxury in general. Brand strategy, press relations, influence marketing, media planning, brand extension, collaborations, web3…the playing field is wide but the objective is the same: how to make our clients’ brands more and more desirable in the eyes of today’s and tomorrow’s consumers.

With more than 60 countries reached worldwide and large international TV/Radio/Magazine coverage, the mobilization is extreme for each MIRAVAL communication at VitaBella. This is what I commonly call the “Champions League of the wine world” (let’s call it WCL for Wine Champions League). Here, the quality of the wine is not enough to qualify – in the WCL, they are all making great wines – what makes the difference is the Ambition and the Vision. In France, Dom Pérignon is clearly another example of a contemporary global brand that plays in this league and is among the most exciting brands to work with when you are in the world of wine marketing and communication.

Brands that achieve the highest desirability are the winners. But how do you generate desire? By relying on three principles: enrichment, distancing, and abstraction. Through enrichment, such as storytelling, brands take us on a journey towards the destination of desire. We rarely desire what we can have immediately. That’s why we seldom desire the ordinary world. Desire is created when something is just out of reach. Miraval and its recording studios are clearly a vector of strong desirability.

For all our clients, the challenge is the same: growing a brand without losing that elusive desirability. How do brands can achieve that? First advice : never compromise on quality and exclusivity. Second advice: the key is not to do what everyone else is doing, but to create experiences that express the brand story and inspire people through bold creativity. Creating memories, creating the Extraordinary : those lucky enough who visited MIRAVAL once in their lifetime know what I am talking about. Miraval is unique. Third advice: what’s essential for success is remaining true to your brand spirit, while constantly innovating and paying attention to shifting consumer moods and needs. For true longevity and staying power, strong foundations are needed. MIRAVAL is not about a product, it is about a Place and a Spirit.

To create desire, you need to make consumers dream and invite them to a fantastic journey that only imagination can spark. Your story cannot just be about heritage, craftsmanship, and quality. Brands need emotional or inspirational markers that provide differentiation. If brands use digital smartly, they can benefit from the “new consumer power” by elevating the role of emotions in brand desirability. By innovating the value proposition, they gain and maintain relevance while keeping the brand promise. Advising brands that play in the “Wine Champions League” requires a high level of expertise and broad experience which makes our mission at VitaBella, both creative and strategic, so exciting!

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