“Gimme a kiss” – or how to get up close and personal with wine brands


(This post “Jourdan on #WineWednesday / “Gimme a kiss” – or how to get up close and personal with wine brands” was written by Guillaume Jourdan. You can reach him at info@vitabella.fr or via Linkedin.)​

Getting close to brands to make them stronger – that is at the heart of our work at VitaBella Luxury Wine in order to succeed in our objective since 2004: “Taking Wine Estates to the Next Level”

For many years, our work on the Positioning, the Promise, the Graphic Identity and the Branding Elements have enabled wine estates to develop their international marketing and communication strategy. Digital operational marketing has been growing in importance recently with digital strategies adapted to support wine estates in all their online communications.

Since 2004, our role has consisted of advising wine estates so that they can improve their image, by drawing up and putting into practice their communication strategy and the measures/actions that ensue, aimed at their various targets, both internal and external. Media and digital plans complete this intervention, not forgetting the design and production of editorial and graphic content for print and web.

This last mission is, in fact, essential and has been for a number of years because brand content has become essential for those estates that we advise. A lack of brand recognition and esteem, a need to engage, a need for visibility, for adequate editorial content, traffic, innovation and acquisition…Brand content has its particular contribution to make to the construction and performance of that brand over time, while respecting brand equity.

To see our mission through, we need to really get to know brands. We need to embrace and love them. On this #InternationalKissingDay what could be better than to let the estates we advise know how much we love them – and to blow them a kiss?!