Suddenly Wine Brand Marketing enters a new Era…

Suddenly Wine Brand Marketing enters a new Era…

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2013 comes to an end and suddenly 2014 looks like we will experience a new exciting period that will also impact wine brand marketing. This is a first conclusion we could draw from comments made by experts during two great events that are currently taking place: Le Web Paris 2013 and the NCDM 2013 Conference. At the same time, in different places, international experts meet to talk about the future of Technology and how that will change the world we are living in. On the first day of these events, I selected two subjects that we, in the wine industry, should also think about.

TOPIC N°1: Suddenly, at the NCDM 2013 Conference, the idea of targeting “Soccer Moms” seems so passé and that’s because it is.

The value of big data has less to do with the sheer quantity of the data, and is more about an opportunity to take a new view of the world. That’s the thought that Viktor Mayer-Schonberger, the Oxford University Professor known for his expertise on big data shared in his keynote session at the conference organized by the DMA. Read more on this blog.

TOPIC N°2: “Some peole who looked at gold as a safe store of value may now be looking at bitcoin” (G.Hileman at Le Web 2013)

Are you ready to buy fine wines with bitcoins? In fact I was suprised last week when I read this title in a discussion forum: “Buy Wine for investment with Bitcoins” (Read here). The full message was: “Amphora Portfolio Management are happy to announce we are are accepting bitcoins for cases of investment grade wine. APM sells wine to private individuals and builds bespoke wine investment portfolios. If you are looking to convert bitcoins into a tangible real life asset then we can help. Bordeaux fine wine is a globally traded commodity and is considered the best wine in the world. We provide a full service from selecting and scouring the wine, managing the portfolio and selling it on exit. Clients get setup with their own private storage account at a government bonded warehouse or we can store the wine on your behalf.”
Could you imagine buying your next En primeur 1st growth classified Bordeaux wines with bitcoins? During Le Web Paris 2013 (this three-day conference assembles leaders and influencers who shape the future of the internet), there was a strong enthusiasm for this new virtual currency. Of course, bitcoin is not yet a currency. It won’t certainly be before volatility stabilizes. But what about next year? Check this video to know more about bitcoins.

In fact, by the early 2020s, the world will have changed. Incredible changes according to Ray Kurzweil, one of the world’s leading inventors, thinkers and futurists, director of Engineering at Google (Read the five ways he predicts our lives will change). The wine industry will change too, the way we will market wine brands will also change and it is now time to get prepared for 2020!

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