Andrew Weeber (Gusbourne): “Our vision has always been to produce traditional method sparkling wines in England that rival the best in the world”


On 20 April 2015, Gusbourne will join Champagne Henri Giraud’s Atelier N°5 “Pursuing Excellence”. The Atelier will be devoted to tasting the Argonne 2014 ‘vin clairs’ of Champagne Henri Giraud and to celebrating the great Handmade Vintage Sparkling wines including Gusbourne (England), Raventos (Spain) and Ca’ del Bosco (Italy), for a record attendance edition with close to 250 experts coming from more than 20 countries.

Andrew Weeber, Founder and Chairman of Gusbourne: “I am honoured and proud to be included in the conversation at Atelier N°5, at Champagne Henri Giraud. Our vision has always been to produce traditional method sparkling wines in England that rival the best in the world. This focus on excellence has dictated a reliance on collaboration and the sharing of ideas from inside and outside our own industry. It is wonderful to be able to continue to contribute to this discourse amongst such distinguished company.

Claude Giraud, CEO Champagne Henri Giraud: “This Atelier N°5 will bring together great sparkling wines from France and around the world in Champagne to open our horizons to the modern strategy for Champagne. These Handmade Vintage Sparkling wines come from sustainable, organic or natural agriculture, and above and beyond that, they are remarkable for the passion, energy and intelligence that they communicate and the winemakers’ commitment to expressing their terroir and their culture. That is where excellence lies, in these shared values that unite great wines from around the world and are the only true criteria for the 21st century.”

A time for sharing and reflecting, Atelier N°5 is yet another reminder of Champagne Henri Giraud’s commitment to supporting the CIVC (Champagne Committee) initiative “Champagne 2030, a Return to Excellence.” The morning of 20 April will include many highlights such as a tasting of Argonne 2014 ‘vin clairs’ to better appreciate the Terroirs d’Argonne effect on wines. Each year, this tasting strengthens the idea of a forest terroir, adds a new dimension to the traceability of cask oak and opens up new fields in which to experiment and progress. Another highlight of this edition will be the recognition of men and women who are passionate about their terroir, who invest all their energy into the quest for Excellence. Coming from various parts of the world, the creators of handmade vintage sparkling wines will explain their vision of Excellence at a tasting of their emblematic wine. As usual, on the eve of the Atelier – Sunday, 19 April – guests will walk a hiking trail to explore the Argonne Forest. Yohann Diniz, the world record holder for the 20km walk, will take part in this year’s Henri Giraud Challenge.