The Perfect Pairing #4 with Champagne de Venoge and British Columbia Wild Chinook Salmon


Noblesse oblige ! Thanks to Champagne de Venoge, the exceptional products and mythical dishes created by international chefs are the stars of a video series “The Perfect Pairing” initiated two years ago. After Cancale’s flat oysters from Ms. Prodhomme (watch the video), the Italian chef Massimo Bottura (watch the video at Osteria Francescana in Modena, 3*Michelin) and the unique parmesan cheese of Umberto Panini (watch the video), Champagne de Venoge brings us now to Canada to taste the British Columbia’s wild Chinook salmon. Discover the Perfect pairing #4 with one of the world’s most tasteful fish in this new video.

Hailed by critics as a symbol of elegance, de Venoge is part of the great Champagne tradition since 1837. If its Louis XV cuvée as well as the Grand Vin des Princes became a reference, today the Maison wants to highlight the full range. Still looking for the perfect wine pairing, de Venoge’s CEO Gilles de la Bassetiere travels all around the world to look for exceptional, rare, unique products and dishes that have made the reputation of the greatest chefs.

Support and promote the exceptional products: this is the objective of this communication campaign undertaken by Champagne de Venoge. Since the beginning of 2014, three videos have been produced to discover- or rediscover – the best products in the world, but also to honor the work of men and women who perpetuate ancestral traditions. After the exceptional Cancale’s flat oysters from Ms. Prodhomme, a second video took us to Modena (Italy) to highlight the best quality of Parmigiano Regiano, with the complicity of the chef Massimo Bottura, who was named the third best chef in the world by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

Watch the video Perfect Pairing #4.

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