Will the Judgement of Champagne come soon?

Guillaume Jourdan Vitabella Wine

Could Champagne lose its luster in the world? Many people would answer: “No, that’s just impossible! “. In fact, wine experts had the same answer when they were questioned, in the 70s, about the potential loss of the supremacy of Bordeaux wines in the world … Then 1976 came and the famous Judgment of Paris ( see détails here ). I know that, in France, only a few people give importance to this judgment but we must admit that it has been well marketed and abundantly commented all over the world. What we called ” The Judgment of Paris ” has obviously given legitimacy to American wines. It has opened the eyes of wine lovers across the world and helped to challenge the supremacy of the most famous Bordeaux wines.

Obviously, attitudes did not change overnight and Bordeaux wines’ sales did not fall dramatically within a few months. But it could explain part of the current situation. Almost 40 years later, restaurants and wine shops proudly display an impressive list of countries and regions alongside the greatest wines of Bordeaux. Previously, Bordeaux was the only star. Today, it is much more competitive in the world of fine wines.

Now let’s imagine a jury of wine experts giving the best scores to a vintage sparkling from Tanzania, to a Prosecco and to a Cava ahead of Krug, Dom Pérignon, Cristal Roederer and other famous names of Champagne. When I read the new initiative taken by some experts (today on Wine Searcher), I think that we are getting closer to this Judgment of Champagne … This is why a man, Claude Giraud, has been fighting since 1990 to bring back the great wines of Champagne and one of its jewel, the Argonne forest. Of course, he is not the only one. Successfully, CIVC announced the launch of its operation “Champagne 2030 : Back to Excellence “. During the Atelier # 3 (watch the video), Claude Giraud recently said to international journalists: “If we continue like this, Prosecco bars will flourish in Champagne very soon.” It did not take much time to see this vision come true: the first project of Prosecco bar has just been launched by Bottega. Champagne, the future belongs to you !

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