#TheInstantWhen Champagne Taittinger Became World Champion…


The magic instant of World Cup 2018 has come and gone and Taittinger has become a World Champion champagne. As the official champagne of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Taittinger yet again attracted wide media publicity during this year’s event, following on from the success of the previous world championships in Brazil. Having its own ‘must be seen at’ venue in Moscow, the Taittinger Loft, of course contributed to the media buzz. The brand’s special edition bottle – inspired by the conquest of space in reference to the idea of surpassing oneself – also provided strong visibility internationally. However, where the champagne house was particularly dynamic this year was on social media, thanks to the #TheInstantWhen campaign, which recalls the historical brand signature ‘L’Instant Taittinger’ that the champagne’s fans love so much.

From the moment of kick-off on 14 June, Taittinger deployed a social media strategy centered around a web series of short films. In addition to this video campaign, a photo campaign was also launched on Facebook and Instagram, focusing on those instants and people which make football thrilling for so many of us around the globe. On Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, the brand also shared sporting memories that unite us around the world, during the World Cup.

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world and being associated with a brand as iconic as Taittinger enhances its dynamic, conquering and international image. Prestigious sporting events, team excellence and magical and festive moments are all part and parcel of Taittinger’s history, as the champagne house recently recalled: “Back in 1959, Jean Taittinger kicked off the Champion Clubs’ Cup final between Stade de Reims and Real Madrid. A few years later, the entire Taittinger house […] set out to conquer the football world’s most special event, the FIFA World Cup.”

The culture of football is universal and has an incredible power to bring people together. It can create fervor among its followers like no other passion. In Russia 2018, it has once again been seen to overcome divides and abolish boundaries, deep within this country with a centuries’ old love of champagne. And sights are already set on 2019 for the ‘Rémoise’ champagne house, as it will also be partner of the Women’s World Cup which will be taking place in France.