The Genesis of an Exceptional Architectural Project in France


Thanks to the Perrodo Family, the doors of an exceptional new destination will open in Bordeaux in July 2015. It is in the heart of the prestigious village of Margaux that the Perrodo Family have displayed their ambitions from the beginning of this beautiful project: reinventing the magical place of Marquis d’Alesme. Creating a unique location in the world, a bridge between the period of Enlightenment and the 21st century, between French tradition and Asian influence, between artistic handicraft and wine culture. After the laying of the foundation stone in September 2013, Marjolaine Maurice de Coninck – the CEO of Labégorce Vineyards – now comments on the progress of this extraordinary project in a launch video.

Marjolaine Maurice de Coninck talks about the origins of the project: «This is a great chance to participate in such an adventure and it is always exciting to talk about the start of such an ambitious and unique project. Even more so because the history of Château Marquis d’Alesme is really amazing and unique, a true modern legend. The project is naturally inspired by the dual culture, French and Chinese, of the Perrodo family. It is also rooted in the genesis of the place, with a Marquis of the Enlightenment, inspired by China and the East, open to the world and close to nature. Fate or serendipity? The intervention of the Perrodo family in Marquis d’Alesme continues the work of this great man by restoring all its radiance to this amazing unspoilt site, between village and vineyards.

A precious jewel, the epitomy of classical French refinement, Marquis d’Alesme calls on the history and architecture of both the East and the West and is inspired by different styles to create a precious and sophisticated place, subtly blending references to the familiar and the imaginary. The best craftsmen have participated in every discipline associated with the carrying out of the works. The “Compagnons du Devoir” have been specifically involved in this project which rests on four pillars: the new winery, a traditional farm inspired by the Queen’s hamlet in Versailles, the pavilion of the eighteenth century, and park and gardens. Outside, guests will find great European classical architecture of elegant, generous and unrivalled beauty. Inside the winery, several Chinese-inspired decorative elements offer a dreamlike landscape: a dragon made of tens of thousands of antique brass scales, a row of moon doors, symbols of the Tao – the land, water and sky – and concrete and wood coffered ceilings mirroring traditional Chinese architecture. This video with Marjolaine Maurice de Coninck is a means to discover, as a preview, this exceptional architectural project in France.

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