The Cover of Wine Spectator


The new edition of the Wine Spectator magazine highlights a rising star: the Provence rosé wine. Who would have thought that, one day, a Provence rosé wine would be on the cover of the most prestigious wine magazine in the world. This is done now!

Of course this Rosé wine is incomparable, unique. It is the only Rosé wine ranked in the latest Wine Spectator’s “Top 100 Best wines in the world”. It is also the world’s most photographed wine and you can see a new beautiful photo posted today, from a beach in Ibiza. Its unique taste, the shape of the bottle and its round label make it unrivaled: you guessed it now, it is Miraval Rosé.

With Brad Pitt and Marc Perrin (Famille Perrin was voted Personality of the Year 2014) on the cover, Wine Spectator also pays a tribute to the Rosé wine and to Provence in a way that we have never heard of. Provence Rosé wine is booming. The “Provence Rosé” brand is doing very well and has built a strong image of high quality. So I bet this cover will contribute to make Provence Rosé the “Wine to Pour” at every table during the summer, in the United States and around the world !

(Write to Guillaume Jourdan