The 10 Best Bordeaux 2016 En Primeur: Divergence of opinion between French and Anglo-Saxon experts (VitaBella-Proxem Big Data Survey)


Château Latour, Château Haut-Brion and Château Margaux come out top of the 2016 Bordeaux En Primeurs according to the VitaBella-Proxem Big Data Survey. After revealing the first trends from March 31 this year, VitaBella-Proxem have today published the second part of their report covering the Top 10 preferred châteaux in the 2016 vintage (read an extract of the VitaBella-Proxem Survey here). Beyond this ranking, and that of the preferred appellations in the 2016 vintage, this report also shows the great divergence of opinion between French and Anglo-Saxon experts.

Guillaume Jourdan (Director of VitaBella) says, “In this VitaBella-Proxem Survey, Big Data is once again very present in the En Primeur campaign. Just as the French presidential election candidates have equipped themselves with Big Data software as an aid to campaigning and to adapt their presentations, the châteaux are increasingly integrating Big Data into their Marketing & Communication strategies. In the world of luxury wines, Social Listening has to be a veritable way of life.

Since 2012, VitaBella Luxury Wine (Experts in Marketing & Communication strategy) have been working with Proxem (French specialists in the semantic analysis of textual Big Data) to take the pulse of wine professionals from all around the world during the Bordeaux En Primeurs, by collecting multilingual data on the web and social media. And, in a broader perspective, the duo also proposes made-to-measure Social Listening solutions for wine professionals who wish to collect and analyse on-line data relevant to their brands. Currently Proxem is active in the french election (for Emmanuel Macron’s campaign) and clients include Air Liquide, Auchan, Total, Decathlon, and BNP Paribas.

In the world of luxury, Social Listening has to be a way of life. The Champagne Houses and Wine Brands that are advised by Vitabella use the technology to improve their marketing and international communications. Understanding new trends, integrating them into brand strategy as soon as they emerge, improving the performance and precision of advertising campaigns, and creating editorial content pertinent to the brand all contribute to the creation of stronger and more emotionally based links with the consumers of today and tomorrow.

Read an extract of the VitaBella-Proxem Survey here

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