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Mouton Rothschild backs en Primeur, #Stop2013BordeauxBashing campaign continues

14 février 2014 No Comment
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The communication campaign #Stop2013BordeauxBashing continues with the newest announcement by Mouton Rothschild, this week in Decanter, and the new statements made by Olivier Bernard, president of the UGCB. Last December, some great names of Bordeaux have risen up against criticisms about the 2013 vintage. Christian Seely's post , director of Axa Millesimes (Pichon Baron, Petit Village, Suduiraut ....) will probably remain in the history of this mobilization. Also Aymeric de Gironde , director of Cos d' Estournel and Gérard Perse, owner of several chateaux in St Emilion including the 1st Grand cru Classé A Château Pavie, have made comments on this 2013 vintage.

Aymeric de Gironde (read the full post):"You need a great technical team to conduct a vineyard, but also a visionary owner who empowers you to go even further. During the harvest, I had the unwavering support of Mr Reybier who told me : " Do not hesitate to put all the efforts you need in order to make the best wine possible. " This gave additional confidence to the team this year and allowed us to make a drastic sorting in the vineyard. You can feel it after the first tastings: we have very precise wines, very pure, with a nice freshness, that are in line with the level of quality obtained over the last 15 years. Every year, regardless of the weather conditions, Cos d'Estournel must make a wine at the level of its reputation and at the level of Cos d'Estournel wine lovers' expectations."

Gérard Perse (read his comments on Facebook): "We have started the tastings of the 2013 vintage and I can say it is undeniably a vintage for vignerons. We had to be careful 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We had to be reactive and take some decisions quickly. Do not judge this vintage too quickly without tasting this wine. Very few journalists visited us during and after the harvest and, unfortunately, some have already denigrated this vintage that looks promising for us. Yes, it is indeed a difficult vintage but there will be great surprises. Yes, there will be a 2013 Chateau Pavie and we will be happy to present it to international experts during the next En primeur tasting."

Christian Seely (read the post on his blog): "As for the sensational commentators who have expressed doubt as to whether the wine should be presented en primeurs, or whether it is worth coming if it is, I can answer that of course the wine will be presented en primeurs, and of course it is worth coming. Do you like wine? Then come and see what we managed to make in a year like 2013. We shall be proud and happy to show it to you."

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