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Vito Catania: « In 2013, the volume will be globally lower than 2012 and the Pachino crus will have an exceptional concentration »

16 septembre 2013 No Comment
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Today Famiglia Catania's wine estate Gulfi announced the beginning of the harvest of the Nero d'Avola Crus from Pachino. With a beautiful sunshine and temperatures near 30 ° C during the day, Buffaleffi and Baroni plots were first harvested, just before Maccari and Sanlorenzo for the next coming days. With no chemicals and no irrigation, Gulfi vines produce very limited annual quantities and only 300 cases for the Buffaleffi cru.

Vito Catania: "It is always a surprising cru, year after year. It’s never exactly the same, with unexpected complexity and finesse. The proud old vines from this vineyard in Bufaleffi area are rooted in a soil composed of different terrains. A rainbow of colors - from pure limestone through the red earth that suddenly becomes black, which are repeated and mixed - and a geology that generate complex aromas and unique and intense olfactory nuances. It is believed that this vineyard is inside an old caldera, which would also explain the black found in the basement sand."

For over 100 years, the work done by Famiglia Catania has been based on 3 main pillars: Naturalita, the same naturalness that characterizes Gulfi wines with organic and traditional viticulture, based on indigenous grapes and non-intrusive winemaking. Alberello, that is for Famiglia Catania the only system that allows, under an extreme climate such as in Sicily, to produce wines with great complexity and with finesse. It suits perfectly with the natural environment and requires no chemical and no irrigation. Indigenous grape varieties: the gradual replacement of indigenous grape varieties with international varieties, that took place in Sicily in recent years, led to the loss of old varieties that were adapted for centuries to a particular and specific environment in which they are an integral part and where, well grown and vinified, they made wines with a strong typicity.

Gulfi and the Pachino Crus (Four vineyards: Baroni, Maccari Bufaleffi and Sanlorè). The winemaking is made separately for each plot, but with the same approach. The same grape: Nero d’Avola. The same system: alberello. The same exposure: a tray. All these plots are very close to each other, but reveal four wines diametrically opposed. Here, we do not speak of Nero d’Avola wine, but wine from Pachino.

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