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Vitabella Wine Daily Gossip – Today Understanding Wine: It’s About Wisdom, Not Knowledge. Also read about New York, IWC, Lafite, Breton, Lapierre…

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Daily GossipEdition October 3, 2011

Today Understanding Wine: It's About Wisdom, Not Knowledge. Also read about New York, IWC, Lafite, Breton, Lapierre, Chateau Palmer, Leroy, Palacios, Champagne, Antinori, Masseto, Provence, Vernay, Jancis robinson, Carmenere, Pintia, Alion, Oremus Mandola, Vega Sicilia, Moscato, California, Roussillon...VitaBella Wine Daily Gossip brings together some articles read on the internet over the last 24 hours.

Understanding Wine: It's About Wisdom, Not Knowledge

China’s Rich Pass on Lafite for First Time in 17 Sotheby’s Sales
(Business Week)

A Wine Tasting for 1,000 With Robert Parker
(Wall Street Journal)

The Secret to Buying Bordeaux (New York Times)

Value Added: Tasting success by creating wine ‘experiences’
(Washington Post)

Jefford on Monday: Out on the wire

The boomerang effects of wine-making standardization: the case of defoliation
(Teatro naturale)

‘V’ is for Vendange: A Look at a French Grape Harvest
(A news cafe)

“Special year” for English wine
(The drinks Business)

Book Review: When Wine Tastes Best

Love Those California Whites? Then Try Chile’s Sauvignon Blanc
(Business Week)

Wine in the World’s Largest Democracy
(Palate Press)

MUSIC : "Champagne" the new music from Ocean Six
(You tube)

Palacios...Blind winemakers may bring an added skill to the industry.
(NZ Herald)

Breton, Lapierre...Sulphur dioxide a subtle addition to most wines
(SF Examiner)

Paso Robles: It's the undiscovered wine country
(USA Today)

The New York City Wine & Food Festival kicks off

In New Zealand, Iconic vineyard on market for the first time
(Guide 2)

The IWC: Speed Dating for Wine, Part 1: Initiation
(Palate Press)

Advanced Topics in White Wine
(Good Wine under 20)

Why are there no “best before” dates on wine
(Ottawa Citizen)

Chateau Palmer, Domaine Leroy…Farce and deception at Fauchon Paris

Michelin Names New York's Best Value Eateries for $40 or Less (SF Gate)

Alice Feiring Wants to Convince You That Naked Wine Is Better
(Metro Pulse)

Famed in antiquity, Greek wines are enjoying a modern renaissance
(Chicago Tribune)

Beyond the Wine in Chateauneuf-du-Pape

Italian High Noon: Five Rode In

VitaBella Wine #Riesling Post
(VitaBella Wine for Riesling Lovers)

VitaBella Wine #Pinot Noir Post
(VitaBella Wine for Pinot Noir Lovers)

VitaBella Wine #Bordeaux Post
(VitaBella Wine for Bordeaux Wine Lovers)

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