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Vitabella Wine Daily Gossip – Today Discover the 3rd Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival. Also read about Rioja, Israel, Platters, Montmartre…

13 octobre 2011 No Comment
Daily GossipEdition October 13, 2011

Today Discover the 3rd Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival. Also read about Rioja, Israel, Platters, Montmartre, Paris, Beaucastel, Terlato, Suckling, Galilee, Anthill Farms Demuth, Drew, Navarro, Foursight Charles, Skewis Ridley, Elke, Gaja, Mondavi, Charles Krug, Petrus...VitaBella Wine Daily Gossip brings together some articles read on the internet over the last 24 hours.

Discover the 3rd Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival

Chillin' that wine: Ice plus water in the bucket, please
(LA Times)

Is Decanting Wine Worth Doing?

In New York, Wines' Domination
(Wall Street Journal)

Accidents Happen: Creating Sales Opportunities from Wine Mishaps
(Palate Press)

Wine from New Zealand: Rare treasures to hunt
(NZ Herald)

Wine: In New Zealand, Taking on the recession

Loire valley wines winning new fans (Miami Herald

In New York, Restaurants and bars are offering wine on tap, and some is quite good
(Wine Spectator)

Wine drinkers can pore over selection of websites, apps
(USA Today)

California Wine Grape Shortage: Fruit Good But In Short Supply
(Huffington Post)

Montmartre vintner bottles a bit of Paris history

In South Africa, Platters Wine Guide announces 5* wines for 2012

Wine.com teases with Q2 results, but doesn't deliver
(Biz Journals)

Deep Lakes, Icy Climate, Great Wine
(New York Times)

In Israel, Succot is the traditional time for celebrating the wine-grape harvest
(Jerusalem Post)

Wine education in Asia “through the roof”
(Drinks Business)

Robert Finigan, an Early Wine Critic, Dies at 68 (New York Times)

Grape expectations for investors in fine wines
(Belfast Telegraph)

On Wine: The wines of Rioja
(Mercury News)

Wine: Affordable Bordeaux among newest finds

Putting Boxed Wine to the Taste Test
(New York Times)

In California, wine grapes good but in short supply
(Mercury News)

Wine shop to pour top Central Coast wine
(The Orange County Register)

A visit to Petrus – the Holy Grail of grapes
(PB Pulse)

A visit to Chateau de Beaucastel, Tasting 2010

VitaBella Wine #Riesling Post
(VitaBella Wine for Riesling Lovers)

VitaBella Wine #Pinot Noir Post
(VitaBella Wine for Pinot Noir Lovers)

VitaBella Wine #Bordeaux Post
(VitaBella Wine for Bordeaux Wine Lovers)

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