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Between Nature and Culture: The Revival of Château Marquis d’Alesme Becker

13 août 2013 No Comment
Bordeaux Marquis d'Alesme

In the footsteps of Hubert Perrodo, famous French industrialist, the Compagnons* will settle for 18 months to restore the splendor of Chateau Marquis d’Alesme, a small jewel in Margaux dating from 1585. After reunifying Labégorce and Labégorce Zédé and recreating the great wine of Labégorce (since the vintage 2009), the project of this founder with a federative spirit will continue: to restore the château Marquis d’Alesme in the heart of Margaux. Led by the Bordeaux architect Fabien Pedelaborde, a ballet of passionate and talented artists and artisans will perform until 2015 to create a beautiful park of two hectares in the center of Margaux, that will celebrate the vineyards and the wine of this third Grand Cru Classé that has big ambitions.

A new highest point in Margaux with a view on its vineyards, a new winery, the creation of gardens from various inspirations.... Part of the architectural landscape of Margaux, this project highlights a cultural heritage and a know-how that remains nowadays. Combining influences from East and West, Nathalie Perrodo - who is leading the project for her family - wanted to give a special harmony to this unique initiative focused on aesthetics. She has hired the best French artisans - known for their craftsmanship and careful work - to give all its beauty to this historic heritage of Margaux.

In memory of Gosse and Posse - the “Compagnons du Devoir” and stone masons who had engraved and laid the foundation stone of the house in 1789 (which will house the future receptions of Marquis Alesme) - the artisans will inaugurate the project and symbolically place this stone on September 9th.

*The Compagnons are a French organization of craftsmen and artisans dating from the Middle Ages, but still active today. Their traditional, technical education techniques includes taking a tour around France and being the apprentice of competent masters. For a young man or young woman today, the compagnonnage is an original way to learn a trade while developing character by experiencing community life and traveling.

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