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A beautiful Harvest at Chateau Gruaud Larose: First Impressions on 2011, a Wine Tourism Award and the New York Marathon with Bordeaux Grands Crus Runners !

28 novembre 2011 No Comment
Gruaud Larose

At the time when Chateau Gruaud Larose was about to complete the 2011 harvest in a beautiful sunshine (watch the Video : "First comments on 2011" ), Jean Merlaut, owner of Chateau Gruaud Larose, and Maisa Mansion, head of Wine Tourism, had the pleasure to receive an international award for their wine tourism program.

The most welcoming chateaux were recently honored at the 9th ceremony of the Best of Wine Tourism. The Best of "Environment & Green" 2012 was awarded to Chateau Gruaud Larose for its "White Path" tour. Initiated in 2010, this tour has been successful with groups (5-20 people) from around the world. Groups explore the technical work on the soils and learn about the conduct of Gruaud Larose's vineyard with a modern and ecological approach. Over a period of two hours and at a price of 10 euros per person, this tour is punctuated by a wine tasting. (Visit the website)

Maisa Mansion, head of Wine Tourism: "Wine tourism at Gruaud Larose is a way to share an amazing history and a unique expertise within the friendly environment of this beautiful castle. "

Chateau Gruaud Larose also sponsored a training of Chinese students who will become wine tourism specialists. Regularly at the forefront of wine tourism initiatives, this prestigious chateau has set up the very first collaboration with the EPCC wine tourism training school. In the vineyards of the Saint-Julien appellation, sixty students visited the estate. From vine to cellar, not to mention the traditional wine tasting, they were able to find out what they will later share with their fellow citizens.

Jean Merlaut, owner of Chateau Gruaud Larose: "You can not say everything with words. Wine is also about sharing with others. And wine tourism is a unique opportunity to deliver a message with a different language."

Finally, the promotion of Gruaud Larose wine tourism has also been made at the New York Marathon. Indeed, on November 6, David Launay engaged in the 42 km marathon in New York with the colors of the chateau along with other owners and managers of great Bordeaux wine estates, all members of the dynamic group "Bordeaux Grands Crus Runners" (check their Facebook page). A nice initiative as the chateau also supported the Lysistrata association that is helping women in the world to fight against violence. Another way to discover Chateau Gruaud Larose through sport, generosity and wine tastings during that trip.

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