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Louis Moreau: « We find it wholly unjust printing a photo of grapes showing 90% rot from an unknown vigneron »

12 octobre 2013 No Comment
Giampaolo Motta
On October 8th, Decanter Magazine published an article “Chablis battles rot to save harvest” but Louis Moreau feels that this article does not reflect the reality. Last Friday, Domaine Louis Moreau posted on Facebook an interesting point of view that you can read below. Family owner in Chablis since 1814, Domaine Louis Moreau is a rare estate to own 5 grands crus. Les Clos, Blanchot, Valmur, Vaudésir and the family monopole Clos des Hospices are the names most wine lovers from all over the world are dreaming of. In fact, the range of the wines from Domaine Louis Moreau is quite impressive: from Petit Chablis to the Chablis grands crus, each one has its own expression.

Louis Moreau: "We, at Domaine Louis Moreau, feel that the article about the Chablis 2013 written by Ms Tina Gellie for Decanter magazine on 08 October “Chablis battles rot to save harvest” does not reflect our grapes gathered this year. We find it wholly unjust printing a photo of grapes showing 90% rot from an unknown vigneron and that it has any true correlation to this vintage, certainly not what I have seen! Whilst I write this, not all grapes are picked, the must has not finished fermentation but somehow the vintage is similar to the 2010 vintage? I feel it’s far too early to make any comparisons based on unfermented grape juice even though 2010 was balanced and elegant. Let me remind your readers that Chablis is a region made up from hundreds of different vineyard owners and therefore untold varieties of grape quality. This is what makes this region exciting and unique! I find this article was written more than prematurely, giving a damaging “general” overview for the vintage. Here in Chablis, we don’t do “general”, we focus on terroir! It would be a pity if your readers are now thinking that Chablis 2013 could be a poor vintage. To the contrary, I know that each vigneron will achieve positive results. Let’s give it time!"

(You can reach the writer at info@vitabella.fr)

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